Cahin-caillerie (shows on demand)

  • Cahin-Cabarets

    Cahin-Caha creates cabarets and other ephemeral forms

    By its hybrid, multidisciplinary and international nature Cahin-Caha and its network of contemporary artists are able to create ephemeral forms of cabaret / performances adaptable to any situation - festival, event, site specific. Recent examples : Cabaret Lacrimae at the Letni Letna Festival (...) Lire la suite
  • Contraband

    Site-specific alternative-economy performance

    A series of meetings with "smugglers" of the intimate. The spectators exchange their ticket against a money, designed for the visit of "our autonomous country." They can buy an intimate experience, a poem, a clandestine bottle of water ... This performance incites a reflection on the value of (...) Lire la suite
  • Draft for a Revolution

    Urban performance

    Show designed for a public square ; circus, dance, songs, and texts of a half-dozen authors on the theme of disappearance. Revolutions turn and return. Now that even a coke can be revolutionary : where are you going to find your salvation ? A dizzying onslaught on your respectability in the (...) Lire la suite