LACRIMAE - Laboratory for Creation and Nomadism

  • CARE : Circus Arts Research Exchange

    European artistic research project

    CARE is an artistic research network based on international collaborations between 7 partners in 6 European countries : France/ Cahin-Caha, Sweden/ Cirkus Cirkör, Norway/ Cirkus Xanti, Iceland/ Nordic House, France / Un Loup Pour L’homme, Czech Republic/ Cirk La Putyka, Finland/ Circo Aereo. (...) Lire la suite
  • LACRIMAE description

    CAHIN-CAHA establishes a nomadic framework for research, a space for developing new languages for contemporary circus - the freshest of contemporary arts. This project of european dimension started with partners in Sweden and the Czech Republic to be developed with others regions and specially (...) Lire la suite