• Ô LIT

    Burlesque circus on a pile of beds

    A pile of iron beds tamed by a bunch of idiots. A bedroom full of the rites of sleep, insomnias and intimacies. We spend, on average, twenty-four years of our lives in bed. Sleep. Or read, surf, eat, watch screens, cuddle, pray ... then, travel in a world of dreams. A night in the life of a (...) Read more...
  • BOTTOM [création 2017]

    Clown Solo

    The choice of a solo was born of a desire for simplicity and a return to the stage. This choice gives me the chance to continue a poetic and subversive expression in a light and simple form. I have entrusted the direction to Adell Node-Langlois, colleague of long date in my Pocheros years and (...) Read more...
  • Guided Visit of Little Things

    Site-specific performance conceived for art and other visited spaces

    This format is available in different situations. The guided tour has been given in public spaces (Marseille), has been created in the collections of the MuCEM (National Museum), on the grounds of the Montperrin Psychiatric Hospital with 3bisF Contemporary Art Centre (Aix-en-Provence) and at (...) Read more...