CARE : Circus Arts Research Exchange

European artistic research project

CARE is an artistic research network based on international collaborations between 7 partners in 6 European countries :
France/ Cahin-Caha, Sweden/ Cirkus Cirkör, Norway/ Cirkus Xanti, Iceland/ Nordic House, France / Un Loup Pour L’homme, Czech Republic/ Cirk La Putyka, Finland/ Circo Aereo.
The partners are contemporary circus companies, venues and festivals.

CARE will have 21 different activities during 2 years (spring 2013 - spring 2014) where directors, artists, and creative staff will meet and collaborate in interdisciplinary labs, artistic meetings, seminars and residencies. Some of the activities, along with public presentations, will take place during festivals (Volcanic Circus festival in Iceland, The Circus Village Festival in Norway). Other activities will create a creative cluster and cross-boundary meeting points through open presentations of the residencies, artistic labs and seminars in the 6 partner countries. For some of the labs there will be open calls for circus artists. We will keep you updated here !
CARE is a network created to be sustained and expanded, to enable international artists to collectively raise fundamental questions, through interdisciplinary meetings and collaboration, that will deepen and strengthen the artistic work in the multidisciplinary performance, and specifically in the contemporary circus field.

In CARE the focus is on a very fundamental level : how the art is created. Focus on artistic research allow creative work to break out of old practices and repetitive patterns. The commitment to artistic research strengthens the ties of the artist and the company to the topic of the work, the history of the art-form and the artistic community around them. Research brings up many new questions and the process of working around these questions gives the work depth and strength, as when thin threads weave together an unbreakable net.