Moby Locked Up

Creation 2007, Circo-theatre inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

In a society seduced by security and absolute perfection, the condition of liberty is uncertainty.

Great American literature made minuscule in the head of a poor fellow.
A decor that vaguely resembles a ship or a circus ring or an arena, the spectacle begins without the artifices of theatre, stripped like a prison cell. Little by little sound becomes music, objects take life, bigger and bigger white spheres jostle through, severed arms and legs become characters, and suspended furniture pitches and rocks.

A circus become rite of emotion and trials, pulling the spectator into the strange and unstable universe of a captive sailor.

Moby Incarcéré - Gulko par cahin-caha

Moby Dick is narrated by a philosopher-adventurer gayly aware of life’s fragile nature. In the course of the book, he gives way to the crushing personality of Captain Ahab : Able to live only by absolutes, he knowingly condemns himself and his crew to die for a folly. Yet, his words of passion and revenge are seductive, only the second officer (played by an audience member) reminds us that a "fearless man is far more dangerous than a coward".

Moby Locked-up is a composite performance of original and adapted texts, invented songs, improvised dances and rants, object manipulation and risky physical feats. The form of the show, like the book that inspired it, jumps from story to ramblings in a jumbled generosity. Style changes, improvisations, intimate digressions and stage tricks contribute to push along the parallel stories of Captain Ahab, obsessed with chasing a white whale ; and Homer, condemned survivor of a shipwrecked petrol tanker, in need of forgiving his own crimes.



  • Conception et interpretation : Gulko
  • Collaboration on the direction : Sabrina Delarue - Petr Forman
  • Musical composition and interpretation : Bob Lipman
  • Object manipulation & role of "The Guard" : Georgios Karakantzas
  • Writing advisor : Jean-Michel Guy
  • Conception et construction decor : Christian Geschvindermann
  • Conception et creation costumes : Birgitta Heinz-Franquet
  • Stage manager : Sophie Kinossian
  • Light creation : T’oto
  • Video conception : Renaud Vercey

On tour

  • Sound & stage manager : Ludovic Velon
  • Light & video : Frédéric Laurent
  • Booking : Laurence Edelin
  • Production / administration : L. Edelin & Isabelle Van Daele assisted by Laurence Vouillemin

Photos : Jean-Pierre Estournet

  • Boule
  • Moby Incarcéré
  • Moby Incarcéré
  • Moby Incarcéré