Off Kilter Cabaret, created 2013

With ROSE, I revisit the origins, the essence of circus, in its morbid sensuality, tautly strung between EROS and THANATOS, between ARTIFICE and AUTHENTICITY. I put the spectator on this highwire. Progressively, from provocation to penetration, I want to seed trouble, open possibilities, upset the status quo in a precarious and jubilous balance between pleasure and disappearance.

ROSE - 1mn30 trailer par cahin-caha

At last, a circus forbidden to children!
In the beginning there was : the animal, instinct, Eros
Beings changing gender or form.
A dance of feather fans.
Stunts on a cloud swing, a bed of nails, high heels and unstable objects.
Artists exploring the very limits of their body.
A naughty and purifying circus.

Cahin-caha works outside of formal codes, in an investigative circus, deconstructing objects into their constituent parts, questioning our morals, our hearts, our fears.
We seek to maintain the essence of circus: dangerous, courageous, sensual, vertiginous.

Premiere 7-11 février 2013 at the Festival "Cirque en Corps", MarseilleProvence 2013


Cahin-Caha enters into a dance, dangerous, sexual, venomous, an acrobatic choreography, contortionist, suspended... it is theater, too, all rythmed by a soundtrack that has just what it should of sensuality - without sentimentality - fullness and gravity .
30/11/12 La Marseillaise

A SUCCESSFUL flirt between circus featS, fear and desire.
Big-mouth and wasp-waist, Rose / Gulko plays Ringmaster, punctuating the performance with gusto. Impressive and moving ... with burlesque or opposing mystery and delicacy. Without ever falling into vulgarity or ridicule.
9/02/13 La Provence

80 minute performance by 5 artists for audiences age 10 and up.

Concept et mise en scène : Gulko
Assistante à la mise en scène : Anna Cottis
Régie Générale / Son : Julien Frenois
Costumes : Natacha Costechareire
Lumière : Nanouk Marty
Conception Scénographique : Gulko avec la participation de l’équipe
Construction : Serge Clavier

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Photos : Jean Pierre Estournet


  • Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée
  • Marseille-Provence 2013, Capitale Européenne de la Culture
  • La Gare Franche, Marseille
  • CIRCa, pôle national des arts du cirque, Auch – Gers – Midi-Pyrénées


  • Festival Letni Letna - Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • The Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

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