Cahin-Caha creates cabarets and other ephemeral forms

By its hybrid, multidisciplinary and international nature Cahin-Caha and its network of contemporary artists are able to create ephemeral forms of cabaret / performances adaptable to any situation - festival, event, site specific.

Recent examples:

Cabaret Lacrimae
at the Letni Letna Festival in Prague
link Lacrimae
As the logical follow-up to the series of meetings within European research laboratories, this cabaret was built by the three participating companies in the project Lacrimae as a showcase for their creations in progress.

"First of all, it was announced that it is a work in progress, but the performance held together nicely and felt complete. And this despite the fact that it combined several different poetics and creative approaches... Cahin-Caha came with eros and nudity, and showed mostly brilliant aerial acrobatics... The two clowns complemented each other well and the first one (Gulko) then showed a wonderful piece with large feather fans - offering a wide range of lascivious moves seductively fanned and at one point he even managed to create the impression of Venus rising from mussels."
- Jana Machalická, Lidové Noviny

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"Dana" au Cabaret Lacrimae

Cabaret Eros

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Manu Haeringer au Cabaret Eros à La Seyne Sur Mer
Janvier dans les Etoiles 2012

at the Festival Janvier dans les Étoiles 2012
Small cabaret conçu pour jouer dans la tente-bar du festival avec 6 artistes de Cahin-Caha et un groupe d’acteurs amateurs, participant dans les laboratoires "citoyens" de designed to play in the bar tent of the festival with 6 artists from Cahin-Caha and a group of amateur actors that participated in "citizen" laboratories of Lacrimae.

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Heinzi Lorenzen et Gulko au Cabaret Eros à La Seyne sur Mer

Cabaret Imprudent
with Arthur H
at the Atélier 203

  • Gulko au Cabaret Lacrimae, Prague

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